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jdev 05-06-2021 09:19 AM

How-To: Use Python Scripting in SecureCRT 9.x on macOS
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SecureCRT 9.1.x on macOS (and Linux) platforms now supports either python version 3.9.x or python version 3.8.x.

SecureCRT 9.0.x on macOS (and Linux) platforms still supports only python version 3.8.x.

If you are running SecureCRT 9.0.x on macOS, but Python 3.8 isn't installed (or isn't available where SecureCRT expects), the following error may appear:

Solution #1:
Upgrade to SecureCRT version 9.1.x. If your Mac has 3.9 installed by default, this is perhaps the easiest solution.

Solution #2:
Install python 3.8 on your mac.

For example, navigate to, and scroll down on that page to locate: python-3.8.10-macosx10.9.pkg

SecureCRT (either version 9.0.x or 9.1.x) on macOS looks for python to be installed in either of the following locations:

(this is the location to where the version seems to install by default)

(this is the location where the home brew version seems to install by default)

If your chosen Python 3 installation wants to go somewhere else, you'll need to manually set up a link to it in one of the above locations so it points to where your Python 3 package is actually installed.


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