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avinash.bhamare 09-11-2015 07:56 AM

Can't connect to remote server. Socket error = #2000.
Hi Team

End users are trying to connect to SFTP server but they are getting below mentioned error message. Can someone please help me to understand the issue. I have restarted cShell SSH2/SFTP service on server but no luck.

SFTP Version 4.1.0 (x64 build 808)

STATUS:> Resolving host name

STATUS:> Host name resolved: ip =

STATUS:> Connecting to SFTP server... (ip =

ERROR:> Can't connect to remote server. Socket error = #2000.
ERROR:> Timeout (10000 ms).eam,

STATUS:> SFTP21 connection closed.

Avinash Bhamare

bgagnon 09-11-2015 08:04 AM

Hi Avinash,

I assume you mean VShell, instead of cShell. :)

If so, some additional details are needed that are not appropriate for posting in the public forums, please send an email to and include "Attn Brenda - Forum Thread #12095" in the subject line.

The best way to troubleshoot the issue will be to get a VShell debug log. If not already enabled, please enable Debug in the Log File Messages column in the Common / Logging category of VShell's control panel. Then, apply the change, replicate the issue and attach the debug log to the email.

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