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kadams 10-02-2018 01:58 PM

Files locked while being transferred?

We are using VShell for integration processes to transfer files from back office application to our SWIFT client.

The business is concerned that partial files (while being transferred) will be processed.

Is anyone aware of any file lock placed on files while they are being transferred to a Virtual Root folder?

FWIW, I have been using VShell for years and have never run into an issue where a partial file is processed by the client which periodically runs a check on the drop folder.


ekoranyi 10-02-2018 03:55 PM

Hi kadams,

VShell does not currently have a reliable option for locking a file during transfer. Depending on the version of SFTP used, the client that is uploading, and other variables, the ability to lock/unlock files may change.

I have recorded your idea in our database of VShell feature requests so that the product director can evaluate it for possible inclusion in a future release. Should a version of VShell become available with this feature, we will be sure to let you know. If you would prefer to be notified directly please send an email to with "Feature Request Forum Post 13273" in the subject line.

In the meantime, there are a few strategies I've seen to help reduce the chance of this happening. The first is to upload file into a sort of "temp" directory then use a VShell Trigger to move the file to the final directory after the upload is complete. Although there is still a window where a partial file could be read, generally that window is smaller during a local transfer vs. a network upload.

Another, more surefire, option would be to adopt a naming convention that helps your client decide which files to process. As an example, you could upload a file and after the upload completes successfully rename the file to end in .done (FileA.txt > FileA.txt.done). Your client would then know that only files ending in .done should be processed.

Do either of these options seem like they would be a viable option for you?

kadams 10-04-2018 09:30 AM

Thanks for the quick reply and recommendations.

We were considering using the temp dir method, but your second recommendation I think will work much better.

Appreciate it!

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