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jdev 02-13-2019 04:48 PM

Example: TAPI Replacement Dialer - Use Serial
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If you experience trouble with SecureCRT trying to get TAPI to successfully dial for you on Windows, here's an example script that you can use to work around TAPI.

The script uses the Serial protocol to talk to the COM port of your modem, asking the modem to do the dialing directly instead of farming it out to the Windows system's TAPI dialer.

To configure a session to work with this script, download the script file and then follow these steps:
  1. Open Windows' "Device Manager" and locate your modem within the "Modems" area.
  2. Right-click your modem and choose Properties
  3. Select the Modem tab and note the Port: setting. In this example the port is COM3. Your modem may very well be on a different port.
  4. Create a new session in SecureCRT.
  5. Save your session, and use it each time you want to dial that number.


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