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Neurobit 05-04-2017 08:12 AM

Connect shortcut missing in new version?
First post.

Just updated to latest version on OSX, and to my dismay, connect shortcut button requires two clicks to open my list of devices. Used to be cliking on this would bring up my devices, where the new version requires another step to select: Connect, Quick Connect, Connect in Tab, and Local Shell. So extra steps. Seems backwards and slows down my productivity considerably.

I looked everywhere and cannot find a way to bring the old back. Is there a trick to this?


ekoranyi 05-04-2017 08:22 AM

Hi Neurobit,

Sorry that you are having trouble.

Are you using the Session Manager (View > Session Manager)? If so clicking on Session Manager, typically on the far left of the window, should open right to your saved sessions. Is this the case?

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