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vhc23 09-17-2015 04:46 PM

SFTP public key Authentication user setup
I was recently ask to setup a client to send file to our vshell SFTP server and the client wants to use a public key to authenticate using SSH. On the SFTP server side I'm not sure what else I need to do beside copying the pub key the client send me to the vendyke pub key location. I have added the user as I normally do but I don't see anything else where I need to check or change for this user to use the Pub Key authentication. Am I missing a step here?

Under the Authentication section in vshell the following are selected *password, public key, among a few others.


rtb 09-17-2015 05:14 PM

Hi vhc23,

Thanks for the post. This type of issue is typically best handled in email since log files will be needed.

What version of VShell are you using?

The public-key file should be placed in a folder of the same name as the user account connecting to VShell. Did you do this?

vhc23 09-17-2015 06:51 PM

we have version 3.8. and yes I place the pub key in the path we set for the vshell public key under the same user name we set for the client.

username = joblow

rtb 09-18-2015 09:25 AM

Hi vhc23,

It would appear as though you have configured publickey authentication correctly.

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