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Billieray 11-26-2020 09:47 AM

Automate Logon grayed out
Maybe it's a noob question, but I was trying to change the properties of a session and in particular to check the 'Automate Logon' box to set up a session through a jumphost.
The box is gray and I can't modify it. I checked the behaviour for all other sessions and found out the same.
Even if I create a new session the box is grayed out.
I can't see anything that conflicts with that option, can anyone help me out?

bgagnon 11-30-2020 11:15 AM

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Hi Billieray,

When a feature that is considered "sensitive data" is not available, it likely means you set a configuration passphrase, but then you did not provide it when starting up SecureCRT.

In those cases, as indicated on the graphic below, sensitive data is not available.

If you provide the configuration passphrase when prompted, is the issue resolved?

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