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  1. Domain authentication using Public Keys
  2. GSSAPI authentication using MIT Kerberos
  3. Feature request: Way to put menu bar and tab bar on same line
  4. SecureCRT not accepting firstname.lastname format
  5. Problems with connection
  6. need help getting rid of FIPS mode in SCRT
  7. Ansi graphics not working right in SecureCRT
  8. Placement of VShell
  9. Running a script on all open tabs
  10. Open SecureFX without Tab Context Menu
  11. [REQ] SecureCRT function
  12. Log File Names..
  13. Mating Xming to SecurCRT
  14. ctrl a-d via chat window
  15. Recover Password from .ini file
  16. Improve "Send chat to all tabs" indication
  17. Enable copy on select, paste on middle clikc in Chat window
  18. Opening multiple sessions
  19. HELP - User Authentication with Certs
  20. Connect via command-line and save session
  21. Send file to all tabs
  22. tabs renamed automatically?
  23. Need "HostKeyAlias" functionality
  24. How to add new hostkey in SecureCRT
  25. Increase screen buffer
  26. Save username/password by default?
  27. Automatically(script?) the saving of SSH key when you 1st connect to a new host
  28. VShell resolving COMPUTER\Administrator instead of DOMAIN\Administrator
  29. Where's "details" window in SecureCRT?
  30. SSH credentials and amazon web services
  31. Access session options from a script
  32. SSHFP DNS record support in SecureCRT
  33. SecureCRT 6.5 (beta) highlighting
  34. Authentication to Juniper FW failing
  35. 6.5 b2 Comments
  36. crack.exe
  37. 6.5 Beta 2 - Themes don't hold
  38. SecureCRT 6.2.1 evaluation and GSSAPI
  39. my secure CRT is not working with Windows 7
  40. SecureCRT 6.5 and Windows 7 Taskbar
  41. Full Screen mode force on top?
  42. SecureCRT 6.5 beta2 bug
  43. Can't run SecureCRT 6.5(beta).
  44. SecureCRT 6.5b3 + Windows 7 window problems
  45. Vandyke trying GSS but cannot login
  46. VShell 3.5 issue
  47. VSH security
  48. SecureCRT 6.5 (beta) substring highlighting
  49. SecureCRT session logging problem
  50. Session rows changing when connecting in tabs. (6.5 beta4)
  51. SecureCRT 6.0.3 slash key help
  52. SecureCRT 6.5 - SSH Cisco
  53. Tunneling: Is this possible?
  54. SSH public key login fails
  55. Sync request for all platforms.
  56. oh no! my copy & paste behavior has changed with 6.5
  57. Help - I'm always pasting text I didn't want
  58. "Terminal 10pt"
  59. New Connections not going into Tabs
  60. Personal Font Maps for UTF-8 range characters?
  61. Sharing config folder between SecureCRT 5.5 and 6.5?
  62. SecureCRT 6.5: opening session options drops connection
  63. disabling ClearType fonts?
  64. map a key to "clone session" ?
  65. Telnet to a Windows 2003 telnet server
  66. Moving an installation
  67. [REQ] Buttonbar on the top
  68. Disconnect packet (reason: 11: Disconnected by application. Shutdown )
  69. scrt 6.5.1 TAB name is a bug?
  70. securecrt setup x window
  71. Using SecureCRT with HSA
  72. Delayed initial port forward connections
  73. Setting tab name when ssh'ing into Cisco router
  74. RFE: Enhanced Search/Find in session list
  75. remote shell stoped working
  76. SecureCRT bug: new host key vs. terminal anti-idle
  77. SecureCRT SSH Problem
  78. How to make SecureCRT *not* close when last tab is closed?
  79. multi-line tab bar?
  80. cloning session problem
  81. SecureCRT and remote desktop
  82. OpenSSH keys with SecureCRT/FX
  83. SecureCRT Agent Issues
  84. Samba over SSH Tunnel
  85. SSH With Paraphrase
  86. Cut-and-paste Buffer seems to be truncated or garbled after about 3300 characters
  87. SSH2 Password Change Procedure
  88. Can't Connect to Cisco Device using SSH
  89. Authentication Issues with vshell/2K and publickeys
  90. key format question
  91. The semaphore timeout period has expired.
  92. Quest Software
  93. Notify on activity
  94. SecureCRT seesion connect dialog slow
  95. Secure CRT share window
  96. Feature: Custom tab status criteria
  97. Shift-arrow to select text with Emacs?
  98. changing what get selected when double-clicking?
  99. Automating Script Execution with Ad Hoc Connections
  100. Accessing an SSH-secured SMB share from Windows 7
  101. Color in Linux
  102. Saving SecureCRT settings to file
  103. button bar reload?
  104. Keyboard Mapping
  105. Unable to authenticate user with keys
  106. Connecting 2 machines on the internet via VShell
  107. No supported authentication methods
  108. SecureCRT: ReadString Not Populating Perl Variable
  109. public key fails but password works
  110. unable to authenticate with public key
  111. Command-line Call Question
  112. Saving a profile with SecureCRT
  113. SOCKS dynamic forward on Win7?
  114. Do users have to have an account?
  115. How to send Crtl Alt Delete to shell
  116. directory security/access
  117. vshell with etrust acccess control on solaris
  118. VShell simultaneous connections
  119. ProxyCommand / Local Proxy
  120. Antialias text
  121. Would you like to specify one now? How about now? Now?
  122. SecureCRT 6.5's bug
  123. Reveal version info
  124. SecureCRT Transparency
  125. SecureCRT port forward problem?
  126. SecureCRT sync Dropbox Mac and Windows
  127. SecureCRT Multiple tabs but session closes...HELP!!!
  128. Dynamic Button Bar
  129. OSX Performance and ctrl-C lag...
  130. SecureCRT disconnects after shell request
  131. Remove "Default" from button bar?
  132. Disabling block cipher algorithms in CBC mode?
  133. problem in CD operation
  134. Using SecuredCRT and authenicating with Active Directory
  135. Telnet to Windows 2003 Server Capture Text
  136. su - command shows password
  137. SSH pkcs11
  138. SSH PROXY Needs a 2nd SSH PROXY How?
  139. FIPS compliant transfer
  140. SecureCRT 6 locks using FTDI serial adapter during pasting.
  141. CheckHostIP no
  142. Map Select Script to Run dialog to a key
  143. SecureCRT 5.x - color scheme not working
  144. recognized your public key, capi::my, but none of the known signature mechanisms were
  145. SecureCRT 6.6.1 - Title bar getting reset
  146. The chat window option is grayed out
  147. How to secure the host key database
  148. Disable Quick Connect - Save Session by default
  149. connection was aborted
  150. Amazon EC2 SSH2/SFTP ?
  151. Public Key not working
  152. DNS and SOCKS4 Proxy
  153. Monitor Server not listening on all IPs
  154. Problems using "User Database" users
  155. "Store Password" option no longer available
  156. Bad Packet length
  157. How to disable X11 forwarding warning dialog?
  158. Browser-like Tabs / User Experience
  159. TGT forwarding
  160. SecureCRT Treeview
  161. Generic clipboard failure
  162. VShell - How to restrict users from going through various Windows folders?
  163. VShell basics - where do I store a .pub keys?
  164. Getting the Virtual Root path to work
  165. Custom background image in SecureCRT
  166. Blue screen of death when opening a particular session
  167. Can't Open an SSH Session oner the Network
  168. Can't Open an SSH session over the LAN
  169. Cannot connect using public and private keys
  170. expand all
  171. Virtual servers
  172. Resetting terminal resets ALL terminals
  173. Missing host key database
  174. SecureCRT 6.7.1 closes without command
  175. X.509 Authentication with SecureCRT for Mac
  176. Need to move VSHELL installation
  177. Tab/Title bar not changing on logout
  178. virtual root not being recognized
  179. Session disconnect after Zmodem xfer of 980 MB
  180. The remote system refused connection
  181. Start-up errors: SecureCRT 6.7.2 on Fedora 15
  182. Protocol Version Mismatch with SonicWALL
  183. How to display logon prompt from Cisco ACS
  184. Hacking Windows right-click menu
  185. License doent support ssh2
  186. Private Key change from AES to DES
  187. SSH2 sessions failing
  188. SSH key authentication issues
  189. connection timeout control?
  190. Error description
  191. Problem in enabling Shell access to users?
  192. Ubuntu no SSH login prompt in terminal option
  193. VShell 'new connection' issue
  194. Session Locations
  195. Ctrl+V, Ctrl+M
  196. Strange Behavior in SSH
  197. VShell disconnect from different terminal emulators
  198. SSH connect ends abruptly
  199. Problem with GSSAPI authentication
  200. Feature Request: Paste Special
  201. Quickly Zoom SecureCRT Fonts While Presenting
  202. mapping meta-b in secureCRT
  203. Version Error?
  204. Moving SecureCRT to different workstation
  205. SecureCRT Autologin Session..
  206. Key exchange failed.
  207. Use of a jumphost
  208. globally reset fonts/terminal emulation?
  209. Using Google Authenticator with SecureCRT
  210. Failed to stat file
  211. GSSAPI Configuration for AD single sign on
  212. Slow login to VShell because trying to connect network drives
  213. SSH2 Problems
  214. issue with SSHv2
  215. GSSAPI delegation not working
  216. Connect bar search enhancement
  217. TFTP access
  218. Conflict: SecureCrt and CheckPoint VPN secure Client
  219. vshell scp issues
  220. SecureCRT SSH2 login to Linux - Vi editor does not clear screen when exit
  221. Not failing over from Kerberos
  222. SecureCRT cannot ssh to Linux/OpenSSH
  223. BUG: Resizing SecureCRT using Tiled Windows changes their order
  224. Feature Request: Ability to run a local command in a SecureCRT Window
  225. Duplicate Host Keys in Known Hosts
  226. select - copy - paste
  227. This is a mess.
  228. Port forwarding connections from other hosts?
  229. SecureCRT 6.5.3 pagination issue
  230. Problems connecting using ssh 2.0
  231. Configuration folder on a network drive
  232. Taskbar right-click options on Windows 7
  233. importing a list of hosts
  234. Not connecting with public key
  235. Browse dialog - please make it resizable
  236. AD group auth not working
  237. How to stop SecureCRT from resizing/repositioning window on reconnect or new tab?
  238. unsave password greyed out.
  239. vsh not setting TERM correctly
  240. Bug in new "dependent session" functionality (SCRT 7.1)
  241. Problem setting up vshell with sftp
  242. arrows in mutt not shown correctly
  243. Scrollbuffer size default
  244. What causes 'garbage' characters to print?
  245. CRT Requesting Config Folder
  246. Upgrade missing session minimizr to tray
  247. SecureCRT cannot add RSA keys to the agent?
  248. long ssh handshake
  249. Secure CRT 7.1 on kubuntu
  250. ssh2 password only auth